I’m UDDEISHYA KUMAR. I Help Entrepreneurs Build Their Dreams.

I am Uddeishya Kumar, a multi-talented individual currently pursuing my Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from VIT Bhopal. Beyond my academic pursuits, I am a visionary entrepreneur and a passionate leader in the field of digital marketing and artificial intelligence.


As the founder of Orcella, my groundbreaking digital marketing startup, I harness the power of effective marketing strategies and AI to empower brands to conquer the social media realm. My aim is to help brands navigate the dynamic world of social media. My approach is grounded in my genuine desire to contribute to the digital landscape.


In addition, I take on the role of Head of the Media Department at Team GarVIT, the official e-Baja team of VIT Bhopal. Here, I play a crucial role in shaping our team’s media presence, showcasing a practical blend of leadership and technology. My influence extends beyond the business world, as I currently hold the esteemed position of Head of the Media Department at Team GarVIT. My expertise in crafting compelling media strategies has been instrumental in propelling our team to prominence across various social media platforms.


Being an avid learner and explorer at heart, my insatiable curiosity drives me to continuously delve into new horizons. My latest contribution, the book “Getting Ahead With Prompts,” reflects my commitment to helping readers seamlessly integrate AI into their professional lives. Through insightful methods and practical advice, I guide readers from the realm of AI replaceability to becoming irreplaceable, alleviating the prevalent fear of job displacement due to technological advancements.


My unwavering dedication to innovation and knowledge is epitomized by my personal website, uddeishya.com, where I share my insights, accomplishments, and ongoing projects. With a firm belief in the potential of AI and a zeal for empowering individuals, I am shaping the future and inspiring others to embark on their own journeys of growth and transformation.

Learning with Uddeishya Kumar

Learning AI isn't about keeping up; it's about staying ahead in a rapidly evolving world.